The Asset Building Coalition of Kitsap is dedicated to gathering local community partners and resources to improve financial capability in Kitsap County residents and assist them in achieving financial stability.

Our goal is to build relevant and sustainable paths to economic opportunity. We help people save, invest in their futures and build financial skills.

  • Connect members of the community to education and local resources that lead to stability, self-sufficiency, and ultimately financial security.
  • Increase access to safe and affordable financial services, education, and products that help families build assets over a lifetime.
  • Expand economic tools and opportunities that help low- and middle-income community members pursue job training or higher education to save more of their income and build wealth.

The Asset Building Coalition of Kitsap was formed in June 2008 by nine community partners desiring to increase financial literacy and asset building skills among low-income residents.  The coalition is thankful for the support of the following organizational community partners:

American Financial Solutions: https://www.myfinancialgoals.org/

Business Education, Support & Training (BE$T): https://www.kcr.org/business-education/

Community Frameworks: http://www.communityframeworks.org/

Connection Credit Union: https://www.connectioncu.org/

Goodwill: https://evergreengoodwill.org/locations/job-training-education-center-kitsap-county/

Habitat for Humanity: http://kitsaphabitat.org/

Housing Kitsap: https://www.kitsaphousing.org/

Kitsap Community Resources: http://www.kcr.org/

Kitsap Credit Union: https://www.kitsapcu.org/

Navy Federal Credit Union: https://www.navyfederal.org/branches-atms/locations/usa/wa/poulsbo/plb.html

Olympic College: https://www.olympic.edu/

Prudential Advisors: https://www.prudential.com/advisor/rogelio-gonzalez

United Way Kitsap: https://www.unitedwaykitsap.org/

Up From Slavery Initiative: https://www.ufsi.org/

Washington State Employment Security Department: https://www.worksourcewa.com/

WWU Small Business Development Center: https://sbdc.wwu.edu/

One aspect of our nonprofit agency is to help connect families with financial education. The Asset Building Coalition of Kitsap coordinates free financial classes throughout Kitsap County to:

Encourage Savings
Expand Ownership
Achieve Financial Prosperity
Reach Financial Security

Our classes, training, and workshops are designed to promote capacity building, encourage savings, expand ownership and assets, and protect your financial security.

We partner with agencies who share the Coalition’s mission and help provide resources and training to strengthen organizations, families and our community.

  • Help individuals develop assets
    • Bank Accounts
    • Home Ownership
    • College Education
    • Small Business
  • Help individuals manage financial matters
    • Debt
    • Credit Repair
    • Money Management
    • Saving For Future Needs

Unite in our commitment to provide financial empowerment in Kitsap. Reach out to us via email if your organization would like to partner with us to help families in our community achieve financial stability and prosperity.

Group of Diverse Hands Together Joining Concept

We focus on community economics, financial education, community engagement and collaborative partnerships.

The Asset Building Coalition is made possible through funding by the Washington State Department of Commerce.